Hear Energy Expert Dr. Daniel Fine on the I Spy Radio Program discussing energy speculation, the future of Shale Gas&Oil,Elections 2012

Hear Energy Expert Dr. Daniel Fine on the I Spy Radio program talking energy speculation, Shale Gas&Oil,Elections 2012

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So who’s to blame for those high gas prices at the pump? Obama? George W. Bush? Oil speculators?

But a much larger puzzle is America’s energy resources and our energy policy. We talk with Dr. Daniel Fine, an associate with the New Mexico Center for Energy to get a handle on all of this.

What role do speculators have in the oil prices? Is it all just more of the “blame game” by Obama? But what role does he have in it?

And if Republicans are secretly hoping high gas prices might hurt Obama’s re-election campaign, find out why they may be in for a big surprise.

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Resources & Links from the Show
Below are links to our guest’s websites, articles, and other information mentioned on the show or for more information.

Guest & Links mentions on the show

  • Dr. Fine’s article on the effect of oil speculators
  • Another great article (not mentioned on the show): America’s Energy Disaster from the National Review Online
  • Dr. Daniel Fine is a Research Associate at the Mining and Minerals Resources Institute, MIT. Dr. Fine is also a current Policy Adviser on Non-Conventional Oil and Gas. He is co-editor of Resource War in 3-D: Dependence, Diplomacy and Defense, and has contributed to Business Week, the Engineering and Mining Journal and the Washington Times. Dr. Fine participated in the Atlantic Council Workshop on Central Asian Policy and the Hudson Institute Russia-United States Relations Project. He has given testimony on strategic natural resources before the U.S. Senate Committees on Foreign Affairs and the Energy and Natural Resources. Dr. Fine was a member of the Domestic Energy Production Issue Team of the Center For The Study Of The Presidency and Congress “Strengthening America’s Future Initiative.” He has participated as a panelist on energy public policy at the Rocky Mountain Global New Energy Summit.