she represents all walks of american women . she will be a strong voice . I see me in her, (57) we have 5 grown children, I see my daughter (34) who works at a bank full time and has 3 children , I SEE our daughter in laws who are stay at home moms and also who work out of the home. I see our sons in her husband, he has no problem having a wife who is a politican. I see my grandmother who had no problem going up against what is right and wrong. yes she will be our voice! she does have experiences, she has moral values, she has no problem getting stuff done . the dems and reporters, better be very carefull how they aproach this woman. on another note, yes clinton did whine, she played by the good old boys club rules and she lost because of that. bet in her privacy of her home , she is saying , good job mccain! go SAHAH PALAN! afterall she, clinton is one of us too!! by the way , I have been a homemaker all 37 years of my marraige. I have a husband who is being deployed again . he is 60 years old . we have sons in the military , we have a son in law who also serves. I stand proud . YES! we can!