Since Huckabee & McCain have gone up against obama, I’ve sent out about 10-25 emails/videos nitely to appx. 50 people to assist in this battle. There are 5 anti-viral agents that are active on my computer. About 3 1/2 weeks ago, I pulled some anti-obama video’s off utube & snopes & ever since, my computer has been under attack with trojans & viruses! (was fine before I visited those 2 sights) Don’t know how they got past my 5 “guard dogs”, but they did! So, beware! I’ve spent 4-6 hrs. a nite trying to clean up this mess ever since! I realize this could be a coiensidence, but since he’s trying so hard to get some of these video’s pulled, I imagine that they came up with this as a sure fire way to get their problem solved!

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