I don’t know about you, but the more I read about obama’s route to his Senate seat {unapposed, thanks to the illicit acorn group – who’s backing him currently; if you are unaware, research it & see just how he got where he is today} & the 10,000 lawyers he’s hired to cause a commotion-much like his Senate race;his supporters who’ve threatened those who support McCain & the hint of what he’s gonna do in the fist 100 days in office simply terrify me! How can people support this person? Much of his money is coming from the internet, which can not be tracked, probably from the muslems – who openly support him….& why not, for they are part of his family!{research that for yourself & find his brother is a radical jahadist, for example} He re-did his jet & took the flag off of it, but no one seems to have noticed. Back to the election, though…they brazenly are letting everyone know that there are tricks up their sleeve. I know there are crooks in politics, but this seems to go way past that to the sewer!!! What can be done to ensure this is a fair & honest election? Already, in my state, children under the age of 10, have been getting-in the mail-registration cards for the election! If you pray, this is the time we really need to get on our knees, for God is our only hope to fight this evil in our midst! Should obama win, life as we know it will no longer exist.

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