Harry Reid Needs to Be Retired

Ever since Ted Kennedy passed away, Harry Reid has been the best example of why we need term limits at the federal level. His recent comment that “Obamacare just needs more money” is clearly the democratic byline. Just keep throwing money at the problem and it will eventually fix itself. The estimated 2.3 trillion apparently isn’t enough. By throwing money at a problem they give the appearance that they care about it. That is why they believe the best way to take care of someone is to keep giving him a fish. They don’t even consider the idea of teaching him to fish so he can take care of himself for the rest of his life. Teach people a skill, keep taxes down, facilitate the start-up of new businesses and the economy and unemployment rate will take care of themselves. There will always be a certain percentage of the population that will refuse to work or that can’t work for disability reasons. If they are required to perform some kind of community service to earn their welfare check, that number will remain low and those who truly can’t work will be grateful for the service they can perform. People want to be productive if at all possible unless you kill the desire in them by constantly giving them an “entitlement” and requiring nothing in return. Eventually they will lose the desire to be productive and start demanding their “entitlement.” Sound familiar?

Now Harry Reid is criticizing Ted Cruz because he won’t play by the rules he and the other liberals have come up with to keep themselves in office. He is threatening their continued survival in political office because they want to break out of those ridiculous rules and show the people that they care enough about us to do what is right for “We the People” instead of what is right for “We the Politicians.”

We need more Ted Cruzes, people who don’t play by the established rules because it is not in the best interest of “We the People.” Harry Reid narrowly beat his last opponent for re-election only because he had a fictitious candidate placed on the ballot as a Tea Party candidate, which split the vote of his challenger. Talk about not playing by the rules. But then again, those are the rules of the incumbent elites. And that is what people like Ted Cruz, Paul Rand and Mike Lee refuse to play by. Unfortunately, without term limits, people like Ted Cruz could eventually get sucked into the re-election vacuum and become another John McCain. We’ve seen it happen too many times. It has become too lucrative to resist for most people. Funny thing, that is exactly what the Founding Fathers warned us against.

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