An Open Letter to President Obama

Mr. Obama,

I didn’t vote for you, and I think you are making terrible decisions for our country.  I am a conservative, obviously.  I try to convince myself that you truly believe what you are doing is right for our country.  I hope that you are making your decisions based on your love of this country and not a quest for power.

I fear that when my son is grown, this country will bear little resemblance to the one I was born into.  I listen to you speak and feel fear.  I heard your comments about your tax policies, in reponse to the Tea Parties.  I’m not sure that you fully understand this issue.  You talk about 95% of Americans getting a tax cut and how your universal health care plan will cover every American.  I hear Congress talking about Cap and Trade, about more money for education, more money for any and everything under the sun.  What I don’t hear is you responding to what the people of the country want.  The Constitution enumerates the powers of the Federal Government.  They are very limited.  It does not give the Federal Government power to tax for anything they want, nor does it provide the authority to mandate public education.  Education is a state’s responsibility.

Ok, back to my reasons for writing this.  I am one of the people who should statistically fall into your voter base.  I have always gotten a check back from the Government at tax time.  I’ve never had to pay Fed taxes.  My husband and I work full-time and buy our own health insuance.  We work hard and play hard.  We support our children and do not take hand-outs.  There are more people like me in this country than you think.  We are intelligent and hard working.  We value life more than money.  We believe in God and in the Constitution.  We vote and take the time to read and keep up on the issues.

The policies you propose will ruin this country. Do you want that on your conscience?

Listen to the voters.  We are in charge.  We pay your salary.

Terry Lynn Donaldson