Why did the McCain campaign cancel?

Does anyone have the answer? Why did they cancel? I love Sarah, she would have been awesome with Megyn. So, any idea what happened?

And on to other topics.

I hear talk from McKaskill(sp?) on FoxNews this morning that BO’s comments about the Coal Industry were ‘taken out of context’. How on earth can she say that? We can all hear what he said. Most can read the transcripts. No way was that out of context.

Do the Dems think we are stupid?

I live in Wyoming. We have a huge number of our jobs in the coal industry. I will post the transcript of BO’s comments all over town (Gillette) today. There is no way people will actually vote into office a man who, by his own admission, will attempt to bankrupt the coal industry.

We also, as many of you may know, have a vast network of oil and natural gas pipelines. My family is supported by that industry. That is how we survive. If BO gets elected, our business will fail, as will many in WY and in every state in the US.My husband and I recently started a small business that caters to the workers of the industry in WY. We work very hard, often 100+ hours per week. If the country puts BO in office, there is no way we can survive. There are countless people in the same situation.

I am confident that McCain/Palin will win tomorrow. American citizens are smarter than that. I have faith in my fellow citizens. Conservatives, Independents, disenchanted Dems and PUMA’s will vote McCain/Palin!