The State of Education

My son is a seventh grader. There are approximately 800 children in his class. In his Social Studies class, they have a discussion period at the beginning of each class and discuss current events. Yesterday, the teacher mentioned ‘Joe the plumber’. He asked the class if anyone knew who he was. My son was the only student who knew the answer, and went on to explain the story behind Joe. *The teacher was quite surprised that anyone could answer the question.

The seventh grade Science teacher at my son’s school made mention of Darwin’s theory of Evolution in class last month. She explained the theory as based in fact and discussed with the students the ‘fact’ that humans evolved from ape-like creatures. *The class took this information with no apparent problem; with the exception of my son and another boy, whose family is Mormon, as is my own.*

Here is the problem I have with the above situations. This is a relatively small school, in northeastern Wyoming. We are a pretty conservative area of the country. If teachers here are offering Darwinism as fact, and have little expectation that their students have knowledge about current events, how are we ever going to ensure the children of this country are being taught the truth?

How do we convince parents that they need to be involved in their child’s education? The only reason my son is different than his peers is because I make sure to teach him.
Maybe I’m overreacting to this, but I don’t think so. I question everything his teachers present. How do we ensure that, through our children, our country is returned to it’s conservative values? Our children are being taught that the Gov’t is supposed to provide everything for them. They are learning that if they do not have the initiative to work hard and persevere, the Gov’t will reward them.

It’s simply disgusting to me when I hear people say that health care is a ‘right’ and that BO will cut my taxes. How is it ok for the Gov’t to take care of my responsibilities? I am responsible for my decisions. I am responsible for my son.

Anyway, I felt the need to get this out.

What do you think?

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