Nancy Pelosi and the Dam Dems....

I’m watching CSPAN and listening to Pelosi and her Dems. Does she not really know that this problem was caused by Democratic Bills that forced banks to give money to people who couldn’t afford to pay it back? The CRA, proposed and signed by Jimmy Carter, is the root cause of this problem. Bill Clinton made it worse. John McCain co-sponsored a bill that would have addressed this problem some years ago.

Pelosi stated this ‘crisis’ “snuck up on us silently, on cat’s feet”. That’s ridiculous and absolutely wrong. I cannot believe that the American people are not going to see the absolute danger of bringing a liberal like Barack Obama, who has very strong ties to the root of this problem, into the White House. He is an integral part of this issue, and to allow him ANY opportunity to sign into law anything at all is truly terrifying. This would only increase the breadth of the Socialism that the Dems are trying to force upon the people of this nation.

Let us all do whatever we can to spread the knowledge we have to ensure that Barack Obama does not get the chance to run our nation into the ground.

Based on the latest news, I believe that Republicans will regain control of the Congress. Let us hope and pray that is so. If Obama is in the White House, having Republicans in control of Congress will not do us much good. Republicans can draft legislation that will help the real people of this nation and Obama will simply veto. We can not let this happen! We must ensure that ‘we the people’ have some say in what our government does.

Terilyn, Small Town Wyoming, USA