Reading CrooksandLiars

In Obamas response last night to John McCain suspending his campaign, he stated that he would ‘do whatever is required to help with the financial crisis. Interesting choice of words. A Freudian slip, perhaps?

He (Obama) also states that a President should be able to do more than one thing at a time. True, A President should. However, neither of the candidates are President. They are Senators, this is their job!

It makes perfect sense to return to DC and actually perform the job they were elected/hired to perform.

I also read on crooksandliars that the people want to hear where the candidates stand on the issue of this bailout/rescue package. This is the point they make about the debate going on as scheduled. OK……. The debate topic is Foreign Policy, not the Economy. How will a debate on Foreign Policy tell us anything about what the candidates think about the Economic situation?

I wonder if Obama realizes just how little leadership he is demonstrating? Does he really think he is making the right choice here? It’s simply ridiculous to imagine that a debate about Foreign Policy is more important than actually working at the job he was elected/hired to do.

If the candidates would simply change the topic of the debate to the economy, it would all be well. That would solve the issue of the debate as well as telling the people what each of them thinks about the current situation.

As far as John McCain not wanting to debate Obama on the issue of Foreign Policy; that is the most incredibly outrageous and, frankly dumb thing I’ve ever heard. The simple fact is, John McCain is an expert on that subject. He asked Obama to debate with him several times in a town-hall meeting style setting. Obama refused. The fact that Obama would not have had a tele-prompter to read his answers from is the key reason for his refusal to engage in these debates. If Obama does not have time to prepare a speech and list his talking points, he CANNOT compare to John McCain.

Obama does not have the ability to simply answer a question, he must be able to prepare a lecture on the philosophical and rhetorical basis of the question asked. I’ve not, since the beginning of this campaign, heard Obama simply answer a question. Has anyone? Does he have any strong convictions?

I hope and pray that the voters in our country do some research on Obama. If voters take the time to look at his record and his ‘friends/associates’, they will quickly see that he is far from the kind of leader we need.