It's all about the Benjamins and the Power

The corruption of Obama and Company is staggering, yet it pales in comparison to his absolute greed and lust for power. The reason no one has stepped up about his power overreaches is that there is no remedy in law for them as his actions are so unprecedented. The Founding Fathers never thought that the America they gave blood, sweat, tears and their lives to see it come to fruition would elect a POS like Obama so they didn’t include penalties for doing the things that Obama has done. There was no law against a POTUS serving more than 2 terms, but it was TRADITION and no one expected a law to be necessary until a liberal Democrat got elected for a third and then a fourth term. As soon as possible, there was a law put in that limited the office to two terms. As soon as Obama is gone, there will be laws put in place to prevent future Presidents from abusing the office. If John Boehner had a hair on his hiney, he’d draw up impeachment papers. I can’t wait to see the nutless wonder get primaried and lose his seat and gavel. Issa would be a much better Speaker and a potential POTUS if he gets off his rump and gets rid of AG Holder who is also a disgrace to his office and should be in prison along with Obama who knew all about the gunrunning and approved it–Fast and Furious goes all the way to the White House.

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