Romney is Obama-lite

Romney may be Obama-Lite but I believe that he loves America. Even the Democrats realize that Obama is a Commie and he’s not raising NEARLY the money he thought he would raise because even his own party realizes what a huge mistake his election was. Hillary was ready. Obama is not–still.
I started a doomsday strategy in 2008 as a backup plan. I’d suggest everyone take whatever steps are needed to ride out a second Obama term just in case. Romney isn’t my first choice–he’s not not even my third choice. Bush wasn’t that hot of a POTUS either, but I never doubted his patriotism but the blatant corruption that is Obama and Co. is frightening. Protect your assets hide your money and stock up on non-perishables and ammo. It will be a long 4 years if we don’t support the Republican nominee NO MATTER WHO IT IS. It’s survival time for America and Americans and I do not believe America will exist as we know it if Obama gets a second term. Grow up people and get rid of Obama–we’ll have plenty of time to find a GOOD candidate for 2016 to primary Romney with, but OBAMA MUST NOT–MUST NOT BE ELECTED TO A SECOND TERM. That’s the bottom line folks. A ham sandwich is a better choice than Obama and Romney is at least good enough to stop the hemorrhage while we look for a real conservative for 2016. We are playing into the hands of Obama’s people as they pump and dump candidates to keep us from uniting behind one candidate to ensure Obama’s defeat November 6, 2012. Nothing else matter except that OBAMA MUST NOT BE RE-ELECTED!!!

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