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Insider:  Got a bone to pick with you son.

UM:  Yeah?
Insider:  Oh yeah.  Big time.  Told you…been saying to you for a while now…you keep the heat on Obama.  Don’t wander off takin’ the bait on other sh-t.  Otherwise you’re wasting my time – and time is somethin’ we are in short supply of these days.
UM:  All right, I’ll bite.  How about you explain that?
Insider:  You know what I’m talking about.  Don’t play dumb now.
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UM:  I’m not playing…dumb.  What’s up?
Insider:  Why the Santorum article?  The dogs ain’t treein’ nothin’ there.  Why you fallin’ for that sh-t?  You can be a damn fool – a stubborn damn fool.
UM:  Thanks.  Appreciate that.
Insider:  Now don’t go gettin’ all hurt up about it…but for God’s sake son…you can’t go running around hopping on to every little article that comes out spreading more chaos in the primary race.  It’s a put-on.  You’re being played and every other one of you who are doin’ the same are being played too.  The focus is Obama.  Always.  Focus. Focus. Focus.  Stop takin’ your damn eye of the ball.
UM:  The RedState story?  On Santorum’s big government – his less than conservative record?
Insider:  Yeah – that stupid sh-t your put up on the blog. Knock that sh-t off.  Like right now.  No more of it.  I don’t wanna see no more of it.  Obama is the target.  Go after Obama and stay the f-ck outta messin’ with the other…the primary stories.  At least don’t go pittin’ one candidate against the others – media doin’ enough of that.  Don’t need you and everyone else like you falling right in line and doin’ the same like a bunch a braindead liberal bloggin’ fool soldiers.  Focus everything – and I mean everything, on messin’ with Obama.  The other stuff…the Republican primary…they are running a classic pump and dump. Been doin’ it against them for months.  I warned you about it – sh-t…how long ago now?  Were you not listening to me?
UM:  Pump and dump?  I don’t recall hearing that term.
Insider:  I told you about that…pretty sure I did.  Maybe it was someone else?  Don’t matter…so long as you don’t keep fallin’ for it.  You and everyone else who pretends they are paying attention to this stuff.
UM:  What is…what is a “pump and dump”?
Insider:  It’s old school politics.  A political tactic.  Been around since Jesus was a kid.  It’s – now you remember the “McCain the Campaign” thing, right?  How he was done then shot up in the polls outta nowhere.  Money started pouring in.  I know you gotta remember that.  A political pump and dump is a version of that…it’s the version.  The McCain thing was a bit of a variation but the principle is exactly the same.
UM:  And what is the principle?  The purpose?
Insider:  Chaos.  Uncertainty.  Infighting.  Repress the vote.  You notice the stories about low voter turnout?  You see that happening?  That’s gotta be makin’ the Obama people very-very happy.  Godd–mn Republicans are losing this thing.  Idiots gonna lose this if they don’t get their sh-t together right quick now.
UM:  What low turnout?
Insider:  You ain’t seen those stories?
UM:  No.
Insider:  Well of course not.  See there – that’s the kind of  thing I’m talkin’ about here.  You’re too busy copying the other damn fools in helping with the pump and dump.  God—mit!
UM:   Explain the numbers – the low turnout.  What are you talking about there?
Insider:  The primary votes – the turnout.  They started strong…been trailing off badly more recently.  People are getting…the motivation has been turned off.  That’s one of the benefits of the pump and dump.  Now you combine that with the bullsh-t stories on the economy and you lower the agitation in the country.  And when folks ain’t pissed…the tie goes to the incumbent.  That’s the end result.  That’s what the Obama team is playin’ for now.  The tie goes to the incumbent.
UM:  What?  Sorry but…I have no idea what you’re talking about right now.  The tie goes to the runner?
Insider:  No – the tie goes to the incumbent.  All things being equal…if sh-t ain’t so bad…voters will go with the incumbent.  If the other side looks all messed up…all the infighting, all the uncertainty, all the finger pointing…folks just step back across the line and vote with the incumbent.  THAT is what’s happening right now.  And you stupid little anti-Santorum story is playing right along with it.  That’s why I’m pissed.  At all of you.  All of you who say you want to defeat Barack Obama…you got…you seem clueless sometimes at how easy you are gettin’ played.  I read that stuff and…you just go on making my job that much harder.  It’s tough enough son – under the very best possibilities this thing is gonna be tough enough…but you just wanna go and make it that much tougher.
UM:  Back up just a bit – and thanks for the constant putdowns by the way.  Makes this all so much more enjoyable.
Insider:  I ain’t here to play nice son.  You know that.  You best put on your man pants and get ready, ’cause you’re in the deep end now.  No backing off…you said you wanted this.  So here we are.  We about to rumble.  You’re gonna get a front row seat in how somebody gets elected President of the United States.  It ain’t pretty.  This ain’t no p-ssy ride.  This is the real deal here now.  Right now.  So if you’re worried about gettin’ your feelings hurt…sh-t…me chewin’ you out is gonna be the least of it.  Hand a God son…you think a person get’s a face like this from doin’ it easy?  Hell no…this thing…this ’bout to get hard.  Everything up to this point…just the previews son.  You’re ’bout to get the sh-t kicked outta you.  Only question is…you got the spine to stand back up and hit the fu–ers back.  HARD.  Hit ‘em so hard they done see tomorrow coming the day before.
UM: (Laughs)
Insider:  That’s right – you laugh now.  You remember laughin’ now.  You won’t have time for it later.  And that later is just about now.
UM:  Back to the pump and dump…are you saying the Santorum surge – let’s call it that…the surge was manipulated?
Insider:  Yeah. That’s what I’m sayin’.
UM:  Just like that?  None of his support is genuine?
Insider:  No…not sayin’ that.  He’s got support.  Real support.  They all do.  But to go from nothin’ to something…it was the same thing with McCain, right?  I see their hands all over it…they done the same with all the others.  Gingrich.  Cain.  The only one they didn’t touch like that…didn’t try and help was Perry.  Perry scared ‘em.  Perry was a threat.  That is, until he took himself out of it.  They didn’t need to do anything to Perry…that situation resolved itself.
UM:  So the Santorum surge – just to be clear…it’s a manipulation?  At least in part?
Insider:  Exactly.  And not to take anything away from Rick Santorum – as a candidate he’s done all right.  He’s hung in there.  He’s tried to line himself up for a VP spot.  That’s now turned into…you can see it in his eyes now – he’s got that look that a candidate gets…starts thinkin’ maybe he can actually pull this off.  Might just get himself the nomination.
UM:  Ok – you say it’s being done.  Explain how.  How are the Obama people manipulating Santorum’s support.  And why?  Why are they doing that?
Insider:  It’s what was done with Gingrich.  Gingrich was elevated quickly, right?  Then the attacks came. The media repeated over and over again how the attacks came from Romney.  The negative advertising and all that.  Sure…some of that was right.  But what the media don’t say…and what idiots like you apparently don’t notice – is all the negative MEDIA stories that are then bounced around 24/7 to push Gingrich back down.  So if you got a bunch of voters…conservative voters…they are not so keen on Romney…they’d vote for him against Obama if they had to, but they would rather have a different choice, right?  Well that…that lack of enthusiasm…that’s gold for the opposition.  That’s power.  You can manipulate that.
This whole primary has been about that – they have done that over and over again.  They have taken the voter…there’s a word for it.  A lack of…support.  Uncertainty…
UM:  Antipathy.  Voter antipathy.  (Note:  meant to say “apathy”)
Insider:  Yeah – that’s it.  Antipathy.  So the Obama boys…they are gonna use that antipathy as much as possible.  Play off it.  Reinforce it.  Use it to eventually limit voter agitation against Obama.  Make the Republican side look so damn chaotic people get turned off by it.  That’s their playbook…and they are doing it beautifully.  As much as it pains me to say…the Obama campaign is pulling it off beautifully.  ‘Course, they are getting a nice bit of help when people like you go around helping to knock down Republican candidates like you just did with Santorum.  They play the music and you go out and start dancin’ to it.
UM:  That’s not…that’s not what I was doing.
Insider:  Yeah it was.  You mighta been too dumb to notice, but yeah…that’s exactly what you were doin’.  No sense cryin’ about it – just don’t go doin’ it again.
UM:  So you’re sure about this – that the Obama campaign is doing this “pump and dump” as you put it?
Insider:  No doubt whatsoever.  I know it because I’ve helped to do it myself.  Many times.  Many campaigns.  They slipped up a bit though – they left a clear marker for folks to see if they were actually paying attention.  Which of course, most aren’t.  Even ones like yourself who think they are…who think they are following all of this…you’re missing it.
UM:  What was the mark?
Insider:  Marker.
UM:  What was the marker?
Insider:  There was a debate not so far back – Republican debate.  And the moderator kept hammerin’ away on the contraception issue.  And there was no contraception issue at that time, right?  Contraception?  Really?  Where the hell did that come from?  And why did that moderator keep at it like he did?  Repeatedly.  It came off like a joke.  People were sayin’ how stupid it was.  How silly the media looked.  You remember that?

UM:  I do.  Stephanopoulos, right?  He was the moderator who kept bringing up the issue?
Insider:  That’s right, George was pushing it.  F-cking George.  He is so transparent.  I saw it immediately.  Telegraphed it.  I knew the second I saw his face as he asked the question – I KNEW they were setting something up.  Not then – something for later.  And now we see that plan unfolding.  This false contraception boogie man issue.
Now that debate was over two months ago.  And the issue of contraception, which seemed totally out of left field when it was raised during that debate – totally out of place…what is going on now?  What is the media pounding on now?
UM:  Contraception.
Insider:  That’s right – contraception.   It started out with a conflict between the Obama administration and the Catholic Church – but sure as sh-t the Obama team and the media have turned it into an issue over contraception and are painting the Republicans as these out of touch Bible thumpin’ radicals who want to take away women’s birth control.  That is how this thing is being framed  NOW – and it’s exactly how Stephanopoulos framed the question THEN over two months ago.  This issue was being set up the whole time.  And did you notice who was involved in the debate question first?  What candidate?
UM:  Santorum.  Damn…it was Santorum.
Insider:  Ah – there’s your light bulb moment for the day!  Now you’re seein’ it!  Back then – at that time two months ago, it seemed like they were going after Romney right?  But what candidate – who it would seem is most vulnerable to the contraception issue…what candidate has seen a huge surge in support since that same debate where the seemingly silly and out of place topic of contraception was raised by a former Clinton operative mind you…what candidate is now posing perhaps the strongest challenge yet to Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination?
UM:  Santorum.
Insider:  And what candidate is most vulnerable to this bullsh-t contraception issue – at least in how the Democrats and the media are now framing it?
UM:  Santorum.
Insider:  There you go.  Classic political pump and dump.
And when you go and regurgitate that RedState story knocking Rick Santorum – you’re making yourself an accomplice to the Obama cause.  You’re part of the dump.  So do me a favor…shut the f-ck up about Santorum or any of the other Republicans and keep your focus on Barack Obama.  I am sick and tired of seeing you Republicans bashing your own.  What is the deal with all of that?  For f-cks sake now…grow up and support the defeat of Barack Obama, right?  Go ahead and support your candidate – yeah, I get that.  But stop with the destruction of everyone else in the process.  There’s gonna be enough of that during the General…why are you Republicans so willing to help out Barack Obama in that destruction now?  It’s godd-mn appalling is what it is.  And stupid.  Stupid-stupid-stupid.
I’ve read the comments by people sayin’ they are conservative.  If Romney gets the nomination…or if Gingrich gets the nomination…or if Santorum gets the nomination…whoever gets the f-cking nomination – they are sayin’ they won’t voter for them because “they’re just like Obama.”  Really?  Is that right?  BULLSH-T.  There ain’t nobody “just like Obama” people.  Believe me.  You ain’t got a f-cking clue if that’s what you really think.  This country ain’t seen anybody reach the White House like Obama.  Or more importantly – the people around Obama.  The ones supporting and pushing Obama.  Giving him the agenda, the words, the whole f-cking plan.  So shut the hell up about not voting for the Republican because they are “just like Obama.”  That kind of talk is comin’ from somebody who either is dumb as f-ck or is working for the campaign.  The Obama campaign.  And they are crawling all over your stupid Facebook thing.  And leaving comments on your stories.  I warned you about that.  There’s gonna be more of it.  A lot more.  You hear somebody saying they won’t support the Republican because they are ”just like Obama” – you ignore that sh-t.  It  ain’t worth your time.
Any of these Republicans – ANY OF THEM, are a hell of an improvement over Barack Obama.  If it’s Santorum, or Romney, or Gingrich, or Paul…you fall in line and you support that candidate and you vote Obama the f-ck out.  That’s the goal.  That’s your motivation.  PERIOD.  Because if you don’t do that…if you give this administration four more years…I’ve already said enough on that, right?  It’s never going back…the country…this version of America is finished and I got no real idea as to how different it’s gonna be.  We won’t recognize it – I know that.  I was talking to a fella last week about the Senate…plans to take the Senate.  Republicans.  As a stop-gap, right?  You know what he told me?  Looked me straight in the eye and said – “It won’t matter.  He has pushed executive authority so far already…it won’t matter.  Give him a couple more Supreme Court nominees…it won’t matter.  If he gets the White House again…IT WON’T MATTER.”
Gave me chills to hear that.  This guy don’t talk like that.  He’s seen and done more than me with this stuff…and he sounded downright defeated.  And we’re not even in March yet.  So yeah – you Republicans better fall in line when that nominee is chosen.  No more of this political purity I want the perfect candidate nonsense. Grow the f-ck up and vote out Obama.
UM:  I have some questions – a few of them.
Insider:  Yeah – shoot away.  Not that you’re much of a shot.
UM:   Fast and Furious.  Solyndra.  What happened to the primary challenge against Obama? Your California information…the Attorney General – that all came together.  Is there anymore on that?  Have you heard from -name deleted- ?  They haven’t responded to my—
Insider (interrupts)
Hold up.  Let’s talk Fast and Furious.  Let’s talk Solyndra…that ties in with -name deleted-.  Might explain why they haven’t spoken to you recently.  There’s a big shove comin’ on that.  The old man is finally puttin’ some skin in the game.  And about damn time.  And as far as the California stuff…that make your chin hit the floor a bit, didn’t it?  Imagine that.  Take that money laundering…all those hundreds of millions in campaign dollars cycling through there…and now reward the players with a Supreme Court position and put them first in line to replace Eric Holder at Justice.  Four more years – and none of it will get out. NONE of it.  Ever.  You noticed that then.  Good on you.  I’ll let you in on somethin’ I haven’t admitted before.  -Name deleted- ain’t the only one following the comments to your stories.  I’ve been known to sneak a peak or two myself…you got some smart folks making some real connections.  Some of it closer to the real deal than they realize.  Do me a favor and pay attention to some of that.  Most of it…a lot of what’s left is bullsh-t…but you got some people…some of them got the right eyes for this stuff.  -Name deleted- told you to slow down and notice what’s sometimes right in front of your face.  You might wanna take them up on that advice son.  I ain’t gonna be available to hold your hand through this – gonna be too busy now.  This thing is on its way.  You need to learn to do the work yourself and not wait for me to spoon feed it to you all the time.
UM:  (long pause) So let’s start with Fast and Furious.
Insider:  Sure – let’s do that…