At least Harry Reid will be voted out--but he already knew that!

Harry Reid is finished as a Senator and he knows it.  The people of Nevada, who tolerate legal whorehouses, find Harry Reid to be such a piece of scum that he will not be re-elected.  This is such an insult to Reid that I don’t know how he can look in mirror–not that the people of Nevada are wrong, he is scum.  If the people of Nancy Pelosi’s district would do the same, America would be a lot better off.
However, Reid knows that he is finished in ELECTED office so he is doing the bidding of the Obamunists in the hopes (or perhaps the promise) of an appointment to another office.  I find it supremely ironic that in a state where prostitutes ply their trade legally and openly;  their biggest whore is in the Senate.

I promise that my very first deed when I am elected to the House in November will be to sponsor and submit a bill to repeal this nightmare that Congress has foisted onto the American public.  I’m taking the fight to the house and I will fight like tooth and nail for America.  I’m not a meek shrinking little mousegirl, I’m a pit bull with a manicure and I will do whatever I have to do in order to take back America for Americans!  Join me in my fight to help save our great nation from becoming a Socialist third-world country!

Teri Davis Newman, Republican Candidate for Congress, 12th Illinois Congressional District. www.voteforteri2010.com