The Obama administration is promoting the devil’s work.  They want to take advantage of the most innocent human beings, unborn babies, and perform experiments in order to find the “perfect” cure. The Obama administration is following in Hitler’s footsteps. The democrats like to promote moral relativism, which includes death, and the destruction of our capitalist system. President Obama is lying when he says he wants to work with the GOP and cross the aisle. What he really wants is for the Republicans to give up our moral principles and come over to his side, and that’s no compromise. His debacles with the prime ministers of England and Ireland, shows incompetence at its worst. And the fact that he considers negotiating with Iran before conservatives, and his changes in the war on terror shows how much of a muslim sympathizer he is.

The GOP needs to resist these evil temptations. Working together is not possible with the democrats and this administration. The GOP needs to start standing up, speaking, and leading by example in expressing our conservative values.  We need to try to figure out a better approach in order to reach americans.  Somehow, we are perceived as the party for the “rich”. I know that we are the party that wants everyone to succeed, wants less government, and are for the freedom of religion and the right to bear arms, but somehow we have to get through to more americans that just because we believe in less government, that doesn’t mean we do not want you to succeed.  This means we want people to kick the habit of being dependent on the government which will give them a sense of pride and self-confidence about themselves.

This administration is far over reaching in many of their policies. Yes, they are sending us into socialism, at its worst.  And the pure fact that Obama and the democrats have this narcissistic and immature attitude – we won the election and we’ll do what we want – shows how selfish this administration is.  This could even turn into a totalitarian state, the way the democrats want to contol everything, even freedom of speech.

Let’s march on, revolutionize this country, and stand up for this its core values!!!

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