Today's rants

So far I have had a good week. First, I got an A on my political science test and had a good human growth and development class.  I really want to get more involved in the political arena.  I am full of energy, have a passion for politics,and am  brainstorming for great fresh ideas to help revive the republican party.  I live in Pittsburgh and want to get more involved but don’t know what the first step would be.  I have signed up on a few blogs and enjoy posting my responses.  Right now I am unemployed because of health reasons, but would be willing to do any job where I wouldn’t be required to stand for more than 4 hours at a time.  I have posted youtube videos both during and after the campaign. You can visit the videos at www.youtube/user/thomist36.  These videos are from the heart and not professionably done.  Any suggestions you would have for future videos would be welcomed.  I actually need a video camera, instead of using my digital camera, but right now I can’t afford one. 

I love listening to Rush Limbaugh. Today, he was going over how the AIG bonuses were planned for about a year.  Also, Senator Chris Dodd is the one that made sure the execs received the bonuses.  He got a pretty hefty campaign contribution from AIG. Why would he want to stop the cash flow?

Right now I am off to studying for a test.  God Bless til later.