My response to Bart Stupak's letter published in the Washington Post

Mr. Stupak,
You can try to spin this any way that you want to, but the fact still remains that in the end, you will be responsible for taxpayer dollars being used to kill unborn future taxpayers.  I hope you realize that the majority of those killings will be of future liberal voters.
Ultimately, you will have to answer for your actions to a much higher judge than any that can be found here on Earth.  Fortunately for you, He is much more forgiving than we mere mortals.
While you are still here on Earth, however, you will have to answer for your actions to your constituents and the people of these United States, who rely on our elected officials to “Do no harm”, especially to the most innocent, who are unable to fend for themselves.
I hope that you have enjoyed your time in Congress.  I seriously doubt that you will be returning to D.C. after the November elections.  I also hope that you understand that you have lost another very precious thing – your personal reputation.  From now on, your word will be worthless to those around you, for they know that ultimately you have no honor.
You were willing to sell your integrity for a piece of paper signed by a man who has absolutely NO respect for the sanctity of life, as demonstrated by his ability to allow live children to die, cold and alone, unhelped by medical personnel.  This same man has proven time and time again that his “word” is worth NOTHING – it is truly sad that we have a man sitting in the Oval Office who has no honor or integrity. 
The fact that you were willing to stand in front of the American people and state that you trust Mr. Obama to honor his “promise” to you just proves that your judgment is less than sound.  We don’t need people like you representing our interests in the hallowed halls of Congress.
The fact that you feel that you have to justify your decision should be evidence enough to the rest of the American people that you know that what you did was wrong.  It is too late to try and redeem your reputation – that has been lost forever. 
I feel sorry for you – for the rest of your life, you will have the blood of innocent unborn children on your hands.  For the rest of your life, you will have to live with knowing that you made it possible for the American government to steal money from her citizens to pay for these deaths.  That is something from which you will never be able to escape.
I hope the price was worth it.
Teresa Koch
New Parent Packet Coordinator
Down Syndrome Partnership of Tarrant County
Fort Worth, Texas