Who'll Take a Stand?

What can I do to help you understand? It’s gonna take more than a prayer. It’s gonna take people who’ll take a stand And do so much more than just care. People who’ll stand up for what they believe, Living their lives by the Word. Willing to confront their culture and fears Proclaiming Truth ‘till it’s heard. Who’ll take a stand and be counted with Christ? Who’ll stand with Him before men? Who’s going to counter the enemies’ lies? Where are the godly men? Who’ll take a stand for Him? What can I say to convey such a need? Society dies more each day. Though we have the answer, we keep it within. Why don’t we share Christ today? As people willing to stand up and state What we believe unashamed. Willing to enter in public debate Wisdom we’ve gained in Christ’s name. What if it takes more than saying a prayer? Pray by all means, but what then? What if the Father in answering our prayers, Tells us, “You are my answer.” What then? © Copyright 1994 Psalms Celestial Music/ASCAP