Obama getting pressured

We have here today is Nancy Pelosi, speaker from California, trying to urge Obama to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans RIGHT THIS SECOND! I want to ask … why the hell is Granny McBotox trying to get the president-elect even more confused then he already is!? That is what he says during his campaign. You see politicians who say they will bring “change” tend to flip flop. That’s why I didn’t vote for that kind of person. Obama has said that he was going to raise taxes on the people making over 250 a year. Now he says that he is going to let the Bush cuts expire. That is what he SHOULD do because if he repealed the Bush cuts the minute he took office it would send a shock in the economy. I believe that taxes must be fixed and we need a flat tax … remind you, Bush has NOT put this in practice. Bush along with Bam-Bam here, do not understand the economy. It is McCain, who knows more even though I feel that his tax cuts were silly but more reasonable than Barry’s. Its funny how Granny here is rich and she want tax raises on people like herself now! She needs to calm down and let Obama get his thoughts together.