Dear Harry Reid

Dear Harry Reid,

I am writing this letter because I am very upset with you and you should be ashamed of some of your actions. You need to apologize not only to our troops, but to Bush and the Republican Party as well. Bush may have a 29% approval rating but he has a higher approval rating than you. Your approval rating is in the teens I believe. Harry, stop being so goddamn arrogant! Everyone now knows that you are really a weak leader; you just want to put Bush and the Republicans down to make yourself feel better. Them Republicans that you speak of, are not puppets of Bush and you sir, have offended a lot of people. Paul, McCain, Ensign and many more are not puppets of Bush. I am ashamed of the fact that you are my voice. People like you and that whore Nancy Pelosi is what ruins the Democratic Party. Not only am I ashamed that you are my voice partisan wise, but of the fact that you represent my state and not to mention that I also live in Searchlight as well. The only good thing you have done is keep Joe Lieberman. When I heard his speech at the RNC, I was moved. He said that people shouldn’t vote because of party, they should vote because of how they would run the country. Well I am done here and I can’t wait until next year because that would be my first senate election and I can’t wait to vote you out. You have not only ruined the Democratic Party along with your sister Nancy, but you are an embarrassment to the state of Nevada as well and poor Searchlight is going to pay a bigger price than the whole state. I cannot believe that Searchlight would do something so stupid as to name an elementary school after you. Until then… may god help this country!


An angry democrat