The Most Important Thing this Election Day

So the hour is almost upon us, my friends.

We’ve been told about the stakes of this election – the same as we have been told every four years – that this is the most important election of our lifetimes. I seriously had my doubts. But now – I believe that cliché has become all too true true.

We have a stealth candidate riding the largest propaganda effort in American history. He is putting together a voter coalition of the elite and the poor, downtrodden, and economically nervous. He is demonizing the entrepreneurial / business class (the evil “bourgeoisie” all over again…) as the principal, selfish villain.

I remember my history classes and you do to. This is the formula that has turned many a free nation into a socialist state. He’s taking advantage of economic disruption to ride resentment into power to expand government in unprecedented ways. And he is preparing with his political allies to use the power of the government to silence his critics, create new pools of voters, and roll back all safeguards on honest elections (ACORN, amnesty, etc.) to ensure he stays in power as long as possible. I’ve never seen a more chilling prospect in my political life.

There is a broad and deafening campaign on to tell us that the America we know and love isn’t really here anymore. America now cuts and runs when fights get tough. America wants to look out for number one and turn a blind eye to evil in the world. Americans want the wealth of others more than to take the effort to earn it themselves. Americans want to have the government guarantee their savings, their standard of living, their healthcare, and their freedom to stomp on the rights of those that disagree by shutting them out of media, the Internet, and radio.

Well – that’s not the America that I knew. That’s not the one that liberated Europe. That’s not the one that brought modernity and medical miracles to the world. That’s not the America that broke the back of Communism in Russia.

When they talk about “taking back America” – who are “they”? Why do they not feel like Americans? Why do they find blame and evil first in America before the oppressors around the world? Why do they find evil in the successful, and nobility in dependency and Gov’t activism? This is not “taking back America” – this is changing America into something new: A state-oriented society with an alliance between the mass media, a political class, the super wealthy, and the poor that are going to become more dependent on that Government.

If this is the America that Obama wants to bring in, he’s going to have to fight me to do it. He’s going to have to fight all of us. He’s going to have to pry our freedom and property and voice from us.

We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor – like those great men and women who came before us. Today it only costs our time and our money. After Tuesday, it may cost the risk of our fortunes and our reputation. Later, it may cost much more.

That’s why we should fight now. Do what it takes. Not for McCain. Not for Republicans. Do it to keep your country from the change that will make it something we can no longer recognize. We’ve got the next four years to pick new leaders, rebuild a movement, see our ideals find more confident stewardship.

Get everyone you know. Rush the polls.

Make sure to rush the EXIT Pollsters on Tuesday.

You know the media is going to try to call key Red States for Obama based on bad Exit Polls to tank McCain in the Central and MT states. Fight them. Make them take down your vote. Make them have to lie and make it up to make those calls.

You know the Obama cultists are going to do this. They are going to rush the Exit Pollsters to run up the score and try to give the media the ability to call states early regardless of the actual returns.

This is it. We can either have four years to rebuild or we can prepare for a hard resistance movement that sees our country torn down in all kinds of ways

Think of the purple fingers. Think of the 4000 that fought and died for those people. Think of the struggle to create better lives for your family being taken away to be given to people who pay no income taxes. Think of the people of the Ukraine who may be left to face Putin without a strong American leader. Think of Israel and our obligation to protect it. Think of this country and the better world that it is supposed to lead.

Its not enough to vote. It is time to fight and fight now – because fighting later will cost us so much more. Don’t give up on America. There is still good here. There is still greatness here. We can tear through the lies, the propaganda, and the cynical darkness. The sun has not yet set on America. And this present darkness may yet yield a new dawn.

In the words of John Adams (or at least a good screenwriter):

“And while I live, let me have a country… A free country!”