South Carolina, when is Lindsey Graham running?

Hey to all the South Carolina conservatives out there.  Can we get Graham out of there?  This guy has taken positions on things that are being to get really old.  He is now calling for Obama to push harder on immigration reform (read amnesty).  I do not live in South Carolina so I don’t know all the ins and outs of Sen. Graham’s track record.  I only know what I am hearing every day on the news.

So, any comments on what we can do?  Like I said I am not sure when he is running again but I wanted to start the ball rolling now.  I realize there are more important fish to fry this year and I am not putting a ton of energy into this at the moment.  I just read a story about the amnesty push and it frustrated me to no end.  And of course, Mr. Graham is leading the charge.  Way to go Lindsey!  Keep up the good work of being a voice for the Democrats on some issues.