No votes to yes votes?

  There are several stories circulating about 9 no votes on the house side considering a yes vote now on the health care bill.  One of those is my current congressman, John Tanner.  He is retiring so of course he no longer cares what we think.  Not that he did much anyway.  So, I have contacted his office to let them know my disagreement with his and that I will also hold his vote against any Dem. who runs in his place.  I have also put word out to friends in the area to contact the guys running for his slot on the Dem. side to let them know Tanner’s vote is their vote. 

  Find out where your representatives stand, especially if they are retiring.  I have a feeling some of these clowns will go out in a blaze of glory.  We must stand up now more so than we did last year.  These next few weeks will determine what happens with this thing.  Let’s get busy!