Now is the time...

There is every indication out of Washington right now that the Democrats are going to push through a health care proposal on reconciliation.  It will be attached to a budget bill so it would only need 51 votes.  Sure, going that route will scale it down but it would still be law.  We cannot fall asleep now and let this happen.  I believe as I am writing this 13 senators, including Harry Reid and Arlen Specter have signed a pledge to include the public option in this bill.  I know that is far from 51 but the fight is back on.

Call your senators.  I happen to live in Tennessee where both senators are opposed to this bill but I have friends in other states.  Do you have friends in Nebraska?  Arkansas?  Louisiana?  There are at least 10 Democrats and Joe Lieberman who can bring this thing down even with the 51 vote margin.  Sen. Reid said in an interview yesterday that it will pass within 60 days.

I know a lot can happen and we have been down this road before, but know more than ever we need to stand up and be counted.  The American people do not want this bill and we definitely do not want to be forced to buy anything.  Let’s get to work.