Stephen Fincher TN 8th District

Here in the TN 8th congressional district we are on the verge of replacing a blue dog.  John Tanner is retiring instead of facing the music.  There are a few people in the race, including Roy Herron on the Democratic side.  Herron was running for governor but decided to run here once Tanner retired.  On the Republican side, Fincher is running as well as a Dr. Kirkland.  Kirkland has supported Tanner in the past as well as donated money to his campaign.  Fincher is the man who understands what we need.

Fincher is a farmer…he knows what it takes to balance a budget, run a business, and make payroll.  He is exactly what we need, especially here in TN.  I ask you all to support Fincher in the primary and especially in the general election.  I know redstate.com has already run a few stories on Stephen and I am just asking that we keep the push going.  Last night was just the first round in a long battle.  Let’s keep it going.