There is evil in the world...well, only if Obama says so

Last night I turned to the worst show on T.V., the one with the former ESPN sportscaster who couldn’t make it with them so he turned to being a liberal t.v. guy.  Anyway, his buddy O’Donnell was guest hosting and had Fineman from Newsweek on discussing the President’s peace prize speech.  They went back and forth about how some of it sounded like that evil Pres. Bush guy they both hate so much.  How could Obama use words like ‘terrorism’ and ‘evil’ to describe certain people in this world?

Well, the conversation took a funny turn.  They both seemed to acknowledge that, you know what, there might just be mean people in the world that could be called ‘evil.’  They went on and on about how Pres. Obama’s tone was so different than Bush in that he understood the need for war but wanted peace.  Didn’t Bush say that over and over?  Guess these guys were asleep during those speeches.  Anyway, Fineman also pointed out how smart Obama was for being able to understand the need for conflict and fighting so hard for peace.  Guess they haven’t read much history about many of our former presidents.

So, I left that channel and had to breath for a bit.  When Bush says there is ‘evil’ in the world he is called everything for Hitler to the devil himself.  When Obama does it, he is called brilliant for recognizing the need for force in certain situations.  Humm….those liberals are funny aren’t they?