Rove's Latest Beltway Nonsense: Perry Shouldn't be a Cowboy

Is it just me or has Karl Rove completely gone Washington? Rove’s latest attack on Gov. Rick Perry for being too cowboy is ridiculous. Perry rightly sharply criticized Ben Bernanke’s failed monetary policies. This recent episode is indicative of Rove’s deteriorating intellectual capacity due to his Beltway Bubble illness.

Alas, Politico’s embed link appears to be jacked up, along with most of their political analysis. So please oblige me by clicking the link below:

Watch Rove’s banal Perry analysis on Fox News.

Perry needs to fight the cowboy impression? Seriously Karl? You sure pulled that off with Dubya didn’t ya. Because nobody in America ever views  W. as a cowboy. Ever. Riiiiiiiighhhhht. Perry was (and is) a cowboy. He was a rancher. So what?

The current President was an Ivy Leaguer and a community organizer (although he never lived in the areas where he organized–he preferred the upscale, posh neighborhoods instead). Look where that guy’s gotten us.

Newsflash Karl: the two Presidents most ridiculed by the drive by media as “cowboys”  are 4-0 in presidential elections. Both of Reagan’s wins weren’t even close, especially that 49 state landslide. Suffice it to say America likes cowboys.

So Perry ought to fight the cowboy impression……………..why exactly? Help me out Karl. Will someone please punch this guy a ticket to real America? I’m getting concerned about the architect.

I’ll take the cowboy over the clueless Keynesian any day. Thanks.