Rubio for Minority Leader

It’s time for McConnell to step down as Minority Leader. His capitulation to President Obama yesterday makes it clear he is no longer the right person to lead Republicans in the Senate.

Conservatives and Tea Partiers need to start calling for his resignation. Who should replace him?

I propose Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). He is leading the conservative movement in the Senate and could be the second coming of Ronald Reagan. It’s time he led Republicans from the Minority Leader position.

Over the last few days, it has become clear Sen. McConnell has gone wobbly. Sen. Rubio, in contrast, has strengthened his conservative bona fides and eloquently made the case for conservative solutions.

Who is more articulate or convincing  in presenting the conservative cause than Rubio in the Senate?  Is there a better face for the conservative movement going into the 2012 elections? I think not. Rubio is the embodiment of the American dream. Further, his leadership will be instrumental in winning the swing state of Florida in the 2012 Presidential elections and winning back the Senate for Republicans.

Congressmen Boehner and Cantor have shown fortitude in the debt negotiations. They need a firm and trusted ally in the Senate. It’s time we send them one.