Birthers and Hoffman Supporters Need Not Apply. Who's Next?

Here, political correctness of a different sort runs deep.

For instance, look at the support for a certain person running for senator in OH, despite backing the stimulus. Then look for the opprobrium heaped on Crist for embracing the stimulus. The situations are different, but the PC gods have spoken.

Then look at the dislike for Hoffman crawling out of the woodwork, even though he was the best chance for a victory for conservative principles in NY-23. He is the man who must not be liked because he ran as a…third party.

I’ve even seen folks who push the whole “Stupid Sarah” meme, taking their cues from our friends on the left. Seriously? We’re going to take an ancient lefty playbook and use it against ourselves? The brainwashing is complete, just as when soldiers captured in Vietnam were brainwashed to torture their own fellow soldiers.

And of course, the birth certificate. It is now verboten to point out that a “birth certificate” is not the same thing as a “certificate of live birth”, and that Obama has spent millions of dollars trying to cover it up. The rule of law and truth only goes only so far with conservatives I guess, and that’s a rallying cry if there ever was one. Hey, vote for me — I’ll tell you the truth most of the time!

It’s pretty dispiriting, especially when you consider that this is supposed to be the best of the best. I wonder who or what will be placed on the “must not support/discuss” list tomorrow. It all feels Orwellian.