GOP Internal polling suggest McCain will win in a Landslide! But we must absolutely vote! (Updated)

According to Pittsburg-based conservative talk radio show, QUINN & ROSE, McCain’s “GOP Internal Polling” shows the Arizona Republican smashing Obama in such surprise states as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and tying the Illinois Senator in the reliable “blue” states of California and Michigan–each with undecideds at 9% of the vote!

The “GOP Internal Polling” firm, which demanded it remain anonymous, has John McCain beating Obama 48% to 43% in New Jersey, with seven percent undecided.

In Pennsylvania, Michigan, and California, the results are:


McCain 55% Obama 33% Undecided 10%


McCain 44% Obama 42% Undecided 10%


McCain 43% Obama 44% Undecided 9%

In each state, undecideds are projected to break for McCain.

The GOP internal polling firm also finds that Democratic defections in the Presidential race will be up, with John McCain obtaining as many as two out of five Democratic votes in select states.

The number one reason given by Democratic defectors for not voting Obama: “He’s cheating, and he’s trying to buy the election.”

For a downloadable audio transcript of this program, you can go to the FM NewsTalk 104.7 website at:


Go to “Quinn & Rose – 10.31.08: Hour 2”. Click “Listen”, then download or play. The dialogue on McCain’s Internal Polling results begins at 22 minutes, 25 seconds of the audio.