Celebrate Today-Back to Work Tomorrow

The first battle to take the country back from reckless progressives (disguised as liberals) has been won.  The Republican Party is being granted a last chance to move back to the conservative principles upon which it begun. The American People must continue to be engaged and watchful so the people we have elected can be held accountable if they get out of line.  Before the 2012 election cycle gets started, which won’t be long, we need people to get involved in their local chapter of the GOP and become committeemen and women.  This will allow us to move forward the right candidates to run for the Republican nomination.  Barack Obama will not be easy to beat and the Democrats play dirty, therefore we will need to have principled people and be able to capture the independent voters and the youth.  This is the same group of voters that Obama will be wooing because they got him elected the first time.  I have never been involved in politics until this past two years, just like many of you, but I am inspired and hopeful.  I look forward to working with all of you to arm ourselves for 2012.  God Bless the USA!