Senator Al Franken - Disses DEMS on Buffet

Why the Buffet Rule?
Perhaps Mr. Buffet’s personal interests.
Do not think Mr. Buffet’s personal gains are not at stake here.  Read on!

Update – Western rail shippers are crying out to the Federal Surface Transportation Board and the US Senate about the high rates that Warren Buffet is charging for his Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad.

Who benefited from the non-approval of the Keystone XL pipeline?
Warren Buffet and BNSF.  Oil producers in the Great Plains will have to continue using his railroad for transport to refineries.
Why did Buffet overpay for the BNSF in 2010?
Maybe he was counting on the President to keep the US coal dependent.
BNSF is causing food prices to rise!
An outgoing President can do wonderful things for the right people.
Remember President Clinton pardoning Marc Rich?
Wonder why Warren Buffet is President Obama’s best friend?
The Keystone Pipeline will (would have) step up US oil production.  The pipeline besides transporting oil from Canada would have erased logistical tie-ups in pre-refined oil in the Great Plains.  Right now we have too much oil in Cushing, Oklahoma; Wyoming and the like and not enough at the refineries in Houston and Louisiana.  Now railroad cars are used to transport oil from various places such as Wyoming, the Dakotas etc to the Gulf.
A byproduct of oil production is natural gas.  Right now the relative price of natural gas to coal makes switching electricity production from coal to natural gas a no brainer.
The number one source of business for freight railroads like Warren Buffet’s BNSF? Train cars loaded with coal for utility plants!


Then there are the tax issues for Mr. Buffet’s Berkshire-Hathaway