Does the President Want To Win Reelection?


The President has surged to the Left.  This after going around Senate Majority Leader Reid in order to prevent a tax increase last December.  His current class warfare tactics can only mean that he is scared the Democrat hardcore will not bother to vote in November.  So we have a President up for reelection out to write off the portion of the electorate in the middle.

He did say back in 2008 that he would chose to be a one term President in order to do something great.

What is the true disfunctionality in Washington?  It is the fact that the Senate has not produced a budget.  The Democrat Senate will have to vote for tax increases.

So I ask the questions, does what the President really want is to prevent a 60 vote GOP in the Senate?  And preserve ObamaCare?

Are the Republican leadership helping the Democrats by negotiating on the budget and debt limit and/or going along with the Super Committee scam?

Why don’t they just demand that the Democrats in the Senate produce a budget?  Let us see it!

Tax increases?  Who has to vote for it?  Menendez, Mccaskell?  What are they so afraid of and why can’t Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader McConnell see this?