Reformation! New Jersey Tea Party Submits Redistricting Map


Hats off to the Bayshore Tea Party!  The cynical, so-called Federalist, head of the GOP, Jay Webber tries to use the “minority district” bias as a cudgel against the DEMS.  The Tea Partiers ask the right question:  What does the New Jersey Constitution say?

How did we ever get to this idea that we need to create “minority represented” districts? 

The Tea Party to me represents an American Reformation.  Martin Luther who was studying to become a Roman Catholic priest said, “What does the Bible say? “Never mind what some Bishop or Pope says!” “The people do not have to pay money to have their sins forgiven by God!”

God Bless the Tea Party!  They say what does the Constitution say?  We do not need politicians to draw the districts!