Latest Brilliance by Chris Christie

Our favorite Gov has scored a coup to drive a wedge between the AFL-CIO Dems and the loonie Dems.  He is supporting a bill to support the construction of two natural gas power plants.  One of which is in the backyard of DEM leader Steven Sweeney and the other returns the favor of another AFL-CIO DEM who supported him for Governor.

So the private sector construction unions are happy to get to empty their union halls and the lefties with RINO “green, snob Republicans” are livid!  This is smart politics, never miss a chance to divide your enemies!

Back in 1990’s New Jersey passed a law that the public would not share the enormous risks involved in building electrical power plants.  This was all part of the Enron scam that there was a free market for electricity.  If there were would construction cost overruns the electric utility had to eat them.  It was OK for at the time NJ had the best nuclear power grid in the US.  There has not been a new plant built since.  This bill permits cost sharing with the public ratepayers.  Today NJ imports 25% of its power from coal plants as far away as Ohio.

This also great because it puts to work the new natural gas supply coming from Pennsylvania and West Virginia!  Link below.