Keystone State Is Where the Wall Comes Down!

Hats off to all of you patriots in Pennsylvania!  I lived in the Allentown area for years and heard people who loved freedom and respected life say, “If we could just lose Arlen Spector, see what happens” and God Bless,  you pulled it off!

My prayers are with you folks because you defend property rights, specifically how it applies to America’s new energy supply, the new natural gas.   It is no small wonder given that Pennsylvania has always been the initial source of American energy.  Oil and coal were found in PA. 

As I write this the enemies of freedom are trying to deny people the prosperity and well-being that comes from the new energy.  Just this week the City Council of Pittsburgh has attempted to ban new energy development within its city limits.  This takes me back to the kooks on the Cambridge, MA city council back in the 1980’s who decided they were going to trump Federal jurisdiction and ban all speech and thought about nuclear weapons.  Never mind that MIT and Harvard were within their city limits!  But this is the Left for you, they love oppression as long as they are the oppressors!


Keep fighting you coalcrackers and remember that George Washington found the Pennsylvania rifles most handy and feared by the RedCoats.

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