Save the United States by leaving it?

http://www.economist.com/node/16377327  Good Governance in Canada

A long buried period subsequent to the Revolutionary War was the years of the Torie migration.  British loyalists were driven out of the original thirteen colonies and many of them migrated to Canada.  If one lives in New Jersey, there are several homes and farms that were abandoned by these people who wanted to live under the Realm.

Today much to our dismay, Canada is in better economic shape than the USA. Here are some of the data:

2010 National Debt as % of GDP- US 98%  Canada 75%

Projected 2014 National Debt as a % of GDP – US 107% Canada 66%

The US GDP Growth next year will be saddled by the DEMS tax increases;  Canada is expected to easily grow by 3.1%.

So if things do not turn around despite our best efforts, do we vote with our feet?  Canada is 10% of the US Population at 30 million.  If 40% of the US electorate is we conservatives or 40,000,000 were to move North…

Maybe the Yahoos below the 49th parallel will get the message.