The Architect and the Great One Have Spoken

RedStaters,  let us focus on yesterday’s Karl Rove WSJ piece!  It is still the economy stupid!

Last night, Mark Levin was speaking on the evil intent of the DEMS particulary Carol Browner until he took the Honorable Michele Bachmann as a guest.  Mark was talking about the DEMS’ restriction on the US domestic oil and gas supply and how they are chaining us to serfdom.  Congressman Bachmann spoke on the evils of ACORN and her efforts to stop them in Congress which was great, but ONLY WE REDSTATERS GIVE A HOOT ABOUT ACORN!

If we want to turn things around, we have to plunge the President’s and the Congress’ approval numbers down!  Then we can stop Judge Sotomayor and ACORN!

Lesson 1- A President’s policies cannot effect the economy in any material until the third year which is 2011. (See Paul Samuelson, MacroEconomics)  Rush and Sean are wrong, this is not President Obama’s economy yet!  The two year lag rule holds!

Lesson 2 – It is the spending!  If the President and Congress cannot effect the economy until 2011 why are they charging on our national credit cards?  We will be saddled with this debt.  (See Steve Hanke of Johns Hopkins)

Lesson 3 – back to Mark Levin.  This is the disaster that the President and the Congress are fomenting.  The economic recovery of 1981 to 1983 and the recovery of 2001- 2003 were marked by a great expansions of US domestic oil and gas production and a decline in the inflation-adjusted price of energy. 

G. Allen Brooks of www.rigzone.com on March 17 said that the decline in the US oil and gas rig activity since September of 2008 is unprecendented! 

Goldman-Sachs analyst, yesterday


Murti forecasts $70 oil by the end of the year! 

We cannot have a sustained recovery until we have affordable energy and we have mal-intent enviro-socialists in charge such an Chu as Energy Sectretary, Salazar at Interior and worst of all, Carol Browner!

Get our message on track and take back the House!  Where?  there are thousands of oil and gas exploration and production people out of work in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado etc!  Organize them, like ACORN!