Gas Price Going Up! Time to Reachout!

All of you RedStaters!

Quit jerking around yapping about Jeanne Garofalo, waterboarding, blah blah blah.

I just got haircut.  My Italian-American barber barely speaks English.  He did not know that the President took Chrysler bankrupt.  He did not know that the Chrysler dealership down the street was closing.  But he did know he paid over $2.15 per gallon for gas this morning.

So he asked me, why are the oil companies rising the price in this economy?  I said, it is not the oil companies, it is the Democrats in Washington that will not allow oil & gas production in Alaska creating a shortage of gas.  So I explained how the Democrats capped the oil price in the 1970’s creating a shortage and President Reagan decontrolled US oil at the wellhead and then we had plenty, he remembered waiting to buy gas in the 1970’s.  Now the Dems are blocking exploration and production in Alaska and they did it starting in 1996.

Then he said he lost so much money in the stock market last year, that now he cannot retire.  Then I explained to him how the Dems blocking in Alaska crashed the stock market and killed the economy!

He is a Republican now.   I said start voting Republican for your children and grandchildren.

Rush, Sean, Mark etc all of you and everybody!  Get on message!