Are RedStaters and Rush Eating Yellowcake?

Back on July 5, 2008 I came across an AP posting on the press wires buried at 4 AM EDT.  It reported on 500 tons of yellowcake uranium.  It had “recently” arrived in and was disposed from Vancouver, Canada.  A Canadian uranium processing company had taken title to it.

Where was it found?  Iraq.  It had been kept a secret in order to secure its packing in Iraq and its passage over the seas.  It was not reported until it was safely secured in Canada.

I emailed this press piece to Rush Limbaugh.  He opened the show with it spending thirty seconds.

Am I wrong?  Should not have Rush spent the entire first hour on this subject?  What is yellowcake?  It is the material for a “dirty” nuclear bomb.  All you need is a few pounds of it with a conventional bomb and you can create widespread panic in an urban area.

Where is the appreciation that this material was captured and secured by Commander In Chief GWB and our brave men and women in uniform?

Why are we not saying this every day and every hour?  Next Tea Party?  We serve yellow cakes.