Airforce One Joyride and the New York Area Dimwits

The panic caused by the Air Force One photo op reminds of what a bunch of idiots occupy the elective offices on both sides of the Hudson River.

There is a major homeland security failure off the southern tip of Manhattan.  Governor’s Island (GI) is located across a mere 250 yards off of the Battery.   GI has for centuries been used as a post for the security of the New York harbor housing Coast Guard and US Naval operations.  In the late 90’s President Clinton was flying by helicopter and said, “Gee whiz what is that island and then said I give it to New York”.

After 9-11, New York has continued to persue recreational uses for GI,  all in name of economic development.  No one has called for what is the most sensible use of GI, which is

First and foremost, a base for a fleet of Blackhawk attack helicopters. And a special operations base for the NYC Police and Fire departments.  Homeland Security should have it as a command post for the entire New York harbor.  There should be a fleet of high speed interdiction boats.

But no.  No elected official speaks of this.  Worst of all, Charles Schumer, he was there at the aftermath of  9-11 and the recent panic demonstrates the need for people to feel secure.