No Student Left Behind

We have a problem here in America.  The people who fought and/or endured World War II are now either passed away or is too old to get to the polls.  The generation that Tom Brokaw described as the greatest gave us elected great leaders such as Ronald Reagan and Rick Santorum.  Now America is stuck with a generation that would choose for President an ego-centric “community organizer” over a selfless leader who endured great suffering serving his country.  Now we are stuck with a bunch of entitlement hungry whiners whose leaders are the most selfish of all.  Rick Santorum’s constituency was patriotic,  God –loving and sadly, older;   his loss marked the beginning of our current dark days.

Now we must look to the children.  Just as those of us back in the days of Students For Reagan said to those five to fifteen years older, “you were just a bunch of whining weenies who did not want to go to Vietnam, there was nothing great about your generation”, we need to turn our attention to young people.  Those born in the 1990’s are the fruit of the post 1980’s baby boom.

President Reagan captured the World War II generation by saving Social Security.  When I was in my 20’s I wanted President Reagan to do the Conservative thing and end Social Security because it was financially unsound and a compromise of our economic liberties.  But what I have now learned was that he captured an entire generation for good government.

College education like it or not is the new entitlement.  We can capture the children of the 1990’s by saving college education in America.  The parents are broke (thanks to the Democrats), the college endowments are shriveled (thanks to the Democrats) and we now have a new President and a Congress willing to write the higher education industry a blank check.  This blank check will take to form of new loans, mostly.  Never will the focus be on cutting the cost of a post-secondary education.

We need No Student Left Behind.  The Federal Department of Education should shut down all of its efforts on elementary and secondary education.  It was never any of the Federal Government’s business anyway.  Post secondary education is interstate commerce where the US Congress belongs.  Students are likely to cross State lines in order to seek a college education and later are more likely to need to transport their degrees across State lines in order to seek employment.

The US Department of Education should develop testing programs or exams.  These exams should be used to provide an objective and useful measure of competency for core undergraduate courses of study, such as Calculus 101, Introduction to the Greek Philosophers and etc.  If a student takes a course at a high school, college, junior college, overseas US Army base or online, if that student passes a US DOE exam, then no college, graduate school etc who accepts Federal funds in any form can deny that student credit towards a degree or admission to a program.