Calling the California RedState Brigade

Your Country needs you!

The California State fairgrounds has now become a tent city.  We have had this in the past.  The statists are seeking to call these tent cities, Bushville.  Just like the statists labeled them Hoovervilles in the 1930’s. In the case of the 30’s this was true to an extent.

But at this time the correct name is “Goreville”.  See the blog: theoildrum, 11/5/08.  Jeff Rubin, Senior Economist at CIBC.  The ban on ANWR has caused this.

Seek to help these people!  Identify their needs. If they are sleeping in a tent?  Give them air mattress pumps.  If good water is in short supply, give them bottled water.  If they need a job?  Find a RedState employer!

Identify and quantify needs.  Come up with a budget.  Post it. We will raise money.  I work around the corner from Larry Kudlow.  I will camp out in the lobby of CNBC until he picks up the phone with his rolodex.

Organize!  Meet needs!  Register voters!