Why We Are Winning

I want to take a minute to lay out why I think we’re winning the overall war, and why this budget battle was a victory for our side, and what it means long term.

Before I get to the budget, let’s talk about some other significant changes we have made as a conservative movement in just a few short months.  In Wisconsin, Paul Walker has lead the way on implementing collective bargaining restrictions on public sector unions, and Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Alasks, Tennessee have also follwed suit in some way, shape, or form.  I’m sure there are other states out there as well, and this is just the beginning.

In response to Walker, the Democrats marshalled all of their forces, spent a TON of money, and canvassed the state to try and unseat a condervative supreme court justice in an election.  The result?  They lost, by over 7,000 votes.  They went all in, and suffered a crushing defeat.

In over 20 states, there are voter ID bills that have a very, very good chance of being implemented.  For years…and YEARS, Democrats have been able to fraudulently alter voting results by literally sending busloads of people, who might not even be citizens of this country, to polling places to cast illegal votes.

Two of the pillars of the monolithic Democratic voting machine…union money and illegal voting, are being methodically and systematically destroyed.

Now, the budget.  This CR fight was the opening round in what will be a long, long war.  Speaker Boehner and the TEA party have shifted the talk from not whether or not there should be cuts, but how much we should cut.  We have the Democrats now fighting on our ground, and it is a battle, that in the long run, they cannot win.

Granted, we need people that can do a better job of artuculating our position, but we are on the offense.

And we are winning.