Failures and Hypocrisy Don’t Lead to Higher Office

(AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)

Since his first day in office, President Trump has faced criticism and opposition from the establishment and liberals who are still bitter about the 2016 election results. That’s why it comes as no surprise that today, Democrats are doing and saying anything they can in order to defeat President Trump on November 3rd.

Baseless attacks on the president are coming from every direction. From downplaying monumental trade deals, dismissing historic judicial appointments, to now trying to blame President Trump for the cancellation of sporting events, the left is showing themselves to be incredibly desperate to elect former Vice President and career politician Joe Biden.

A prime example and perhaps one of the most vicious attacks coming from Democrats can be seen from National Co-Chair for the Biden Campaign, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Mayor Garcetti recently stated during a CBS News interview that President Trump is “killing Americans right now and killing our economy.” There are several layers to unpack from this ludicrous statement.

First off, it’s irresponsible and wrong to blame President Trump for the coronavirus pandemic. China—and China only—should be held accountable for their mishandling of the virus. As a country, we could have never imagined the impact that this virus would have on our people and economy. No president has ever faced an epidemic quite like the one we are facing today. The president has been tackling this crisis head-on since day one to get our economy back to where it was prior to March. Before the outbreak, our economy was thriving and unemployment was nationally at an all-time low thanks to President Trump and the policies that his administration put forward. Democrats continually try to downplay President Trump’s role in revitalizing America’s economy, but the numbers don’t lie.

It is especially hypocritical of Mayor Garcetti to allege that President Trump is “killing our economy” when one could argue that the mayor himself is single-handedly killing his own local economy in Los Angeles. On top of Los Angeles facing a very high unemployment rate of 18.2 percent, the city’s homelessness crisis and anti-business climate have gotten so out of hand that it is causing Angelenos and businesses to leave for other states like Texas and Arizona that have lower tax rates and are more business-friendly. You really can’t blame people for wanting to escape this toxic environment.

Mayor Garcetti has lost total control of the city because of his lack of leadership, yet for some reason, he is also considered to be a “rising star” in the Democrat Party. It is no secret that Garcetti has presidential aspirations for himself, and it has been reported that if Joe Biden wins the election—making Kamala Harris the vice president and therefore vacating her senate seat—California Governor Gavin Newsom might appoint Garcetti to her open seat. While this would not be surprising, it would be ironic and devastating for the Golden State to have a senator who failed at governing his own city, yet received a promotion.

This is just another reason why we must re-elect President Trump. We need leaders who have a positive vision for our country and who put our citizens first. Americans do not want failed, hypocritical politicians representing us, which is exactly what we will get if Joe Bident is elected President of the United States and Eric Garcetti is appointed to the United States Senate. Mayor Garcetti has failed the people of Los Angeles, and we cannot allow him the opportunity to fail even more Americans. We deserve better.

Ted Alexander is a member of the North Carolina State Senate.