Meanwhile...back at the Joker's lair...a DoS attack was unleashed

So…now a cyberwar against conservatives has started.


<blockquote>Sources close to the South Carolina congressman charge that hackers have blitzed his campaign Web site JoeWilsonforCongress.com with a series of attacks that periodically shut down the page. </blockquote>

So…the lefty version of tolerance shows up, again.  And the press yawns, again.  And lefty disillusionment and hatred turns into something sinister, illegal, and, well, acceptable to Obama’s media.  How……unsurprising.  <sigh>

This “thing” is escalating.  Obama, Commander in Thief, calls us a bunch of names and says a bunch of untrue things.  We stand up for ourselves, our freedoms, show up en masse at town hall meetings and at Tea Parties, and then two words peel the onion back to it’s core (You Lie!).

The response is that some henchmen (while I’m certain acting alone) feel compelled to commit an act of domestic cyber terrorism….which is followed by….mostly silence.  The silence is a measure of how far we are into this battle.  The silence on Van Jones.  The silence on ACORN.  The silence is not new.  It’s the bias of non-reporting.  But the level of silence on these ever bigger stories is ominous.