WI Marriage Amendment (and its 59% support) could be overruled

It just came to my attention that a case was just sent to the WI State Supreme Court challenging a state constitutional amendment which defines marriage.  Read a press release (PDF) from Wisconsin Family Council.  The amendment passed in November 2006 with overwhelming public support (better than 59%). 

I’m stunned.  The matter in my mind had been settled in 2006.  The people of my state agreed to a key traiditional value which is a foundation of this state’s, and this country’s, strength.  Also, as the release notes, the recent election of a progressive Chief Justice may contribute in this attempt to thwart my vote…my voice…my state’s solid stance on what is best for our kids.  

As I understand it, a ruling against the WI amendment does not automatically allow for arbitrary partners to “marry”.  However, it would open the door a whole lot wider for new action by the legislature or the courts.