Unintended consequences - $8B of your money, gone

Check out this post…turns out to be a great example of why governements aren’t good at giving out our money.

A few years back, the government passed a bill to encourage “greener” transportation by providing tax credits for the use of alternative fuels


The paper companies are wasting diesel fuel (remember, the whole point of this bill was to decrease the use of such fuels) by adding it to a process even though it’s entirely unnecessary, and then claiming the tax credit. And, boy, is it worth it. The top ten paper companies are likely to take in $8 billion dollars from this tax credit.

I’m betting we’ll repeat this again and again for our bailouts.  Business is smarter than government.  I don’t like the paper companies for “taking” the money.  Then again, they were within the law…so who is really to blame?