2010 Census - the fix is already in

From the WSJ:

President Barack Obama Thursday nominated Robert Groves, a sociology professor at the University of Michigan, to be the next director of the Census Bureau


Mr. Groves, who served as associate director of statistical design at the Census Bureau from 1990 to 1992, is an expert on “sampling,” the practice of adjusting statistics in order to compensate for undercounting.

Elections do have consequences. What do we get with ACORN-style corruption + statistical sampling? A farce of epic proportions, and the tail is going to be very long.

According to Fox, current Commerce Secretary Gary Locke doesn’t plan to use sampling for the census. I’m calling BS on that statement. There is a little thing called a Supreme Court decision in the way which could help a little.

The Supreme Court later ruled in 1999 that the use of statistical sampling cannot be used to apportion House seats, but indicated that adjustments could be made to the population count when redrawing congressional boundaries.

Republicans are already coming out against it..

“The fight to protect the accuracy and independence of the 2010 census has just begun,” said Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, the top Republican on a House subcommittee overseeing the census. “President Obama has made clear that he intends to employ the political manipulation of census data for partisan gain.”

Let’s hope they keep it up. This is going to be a long battle to maintain any sort of integrity in the midst of a corrupt set of partisan community organizations like ACORN.