Whose Responsible This?

America is in a meltdown.

After the housing bubble burst, leaving us in a heap of crap, it seems that both the Bush administration and the Obama administration took steps to make a bad situation worse. Funnelling hundreds of billions of  dollars into a ‘stimulus’ that wasn’t was only the first step down the path to ‘WTF?’. After that it was Cash for Clunkers, Stimulus II, Health Care Reform, Cap and Trade, the oil spill, and now Financial Industry reform….. all answered by still more and more government involvement, government intrusion, and government takeovers.

These guys in DC are obviously either mentally ill, or they are doing it on purpose. (The second does not preclude the first)

As of this second, we are $13,112,107,708,778 in debt. That’s $42,351 per citizen, or 118,706 per taxpayer. Our GDP, or what we MAKE in terms of goods or services, is $14,424,041,055,720. Our gross debt to GDP ratio is 90.90%

For you and me, that would be like having a $140,000 home, a $60,000 job, and having a debt of roughly $184,000. Could you dig yourself out of that? Ever?

But wait, there’s more. We have entitlements. God, do we have entitlements. Our social security liability is $14.4 trillion, the prescription drug liability is $19 trillion, and the medicare liability is $75.8 trillion – giving us a total of $109.29 trillion of entitlement liabilities, or $353,026 per citizen. Oh, and the dark lining behind this silver cloud: It’s gonna get worse.

In 2010, so far, we’ve had 1.419 million bankruptcies, and 869,929 foreclosures. We’ve imported 287 billion barrels of oil, 115 billion from OPEC. Bailouts from the government are currently at $5.055 trillion. And to make it even more interesting, we are paying $196 billion just in INTEREST on the debt.


Who has taken a merely bad situation and flushed the rest of the economy down the tubes with it? Who has made boneheaded decisions and policies – time after time after time after time again? WHO? Someone needs to kick their asses!

It’s easy to sit back and say “I inherited this”. It’s the standard political cop out. “Eight years of Bush and see what happened????” Well, Mr President, that dog don’t hunt no more. This is squarely YOUR problem now.

Who kept pushing for Stimulus when WE THE PEOPLE were against the idea? You.

Who kept pushing health care reform when WE THE PEOPLE were against it? You.

Who kept out the foreign ships from the gulf when we needed their help? You.

Who kept people from building sand berms to stop the oil from reaching our coastlines? You.

Who is suing the state of Arizona for daring to have a law that mirrors existing federal statutes that aren’t currently enforced by the feds? You.

Who sent PetroBras 2 billion dollars to do deep water drilling in Brazil? You.

Who created massive unemployment by trying to shut down the offshore oil drilling industry? You.

Who is forcing oil platforms to MOVE AWAY from the US to places where they can actually drill and pump oil? You.

I’d stop blaming Bush if I were you. (Even Bonzo the wonder iguana is having trouble believing you with this line.)

Then again, I’m not mentally ill. And I’m not aiming to destroy the country either. Which are you, Mr. President?


Senator McCain….. I’ve been hearing your political commercials here in Phoenix. You are filled with hubris if you dare to think, let alone say, that YOU, personally, are Arizona’s ‘last line of defense’. You are a representative of the state of Arizona, nothing more, nothing less.

And a sorry one you have been.

You voted for the 680 billion dollar bailout. You championed the McCain-Feingold assault on the first amendment. You backed the amnesty plan for illegal aliens. And you DARE to call yourself a ‘conservative’ in an election year? A conservative from where exactly? SAN FRANCISCO?

I don’t know what’s going to happen in this upcoming election cycle, but anyone with that much conceit and self-aggrandisement should NOT be a senator. If J.D. doesn’t defeat you in the primary, I hope the democrat wins in November – at least he won’t be a ‘senior’ senator and can’t do too much damage until we kick his ass out in 2016. Senator, YOU have become a danger to this country, a danger we simply can not afford.

If you had fought for the presidency with the rhethoric and comparison ads you are making with J.D., you’d be president today. But apparently, you keep your venom in reserve to only fight candidates that are more conservative than you are.

Senator… It’s time you were educated. WE THE PEOPLE are the last line of defense for Arizona. And I hope we ‘splain that to you in the next election cycle.


Boy, you screwed up with that infomercial. But you did something good. You admitted the mistake and apologized. Good job, brother. Everyone screws the pooch on occasion. The wise man learns and moves forward.

Now, stop playing McCain’s game. You will lose. Play YOUR game: the game you played on the radio airwaves. Get out there with simple direct messages about your policies and plans and IGNORE the competition. No fancy violins and french horns, just you and a mike and your message.

I’m the Technomage, and I approve this message.
(Paid for by no one)